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重庆时时彩断组杀法:Foreign Potato Know-How Introduced to Anhui Province

Pub Date:17-11-06 08:47 Source:China Daily

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A conference sharing potato growing experience and technology was held in Hefei, Anhui province, on October 29. About 200 Anhui agriculturalists took part in the event.

Foreign potato know-how introduced to Anhui province

Experts looking at potatoes grown in Anhui.[photo/safea.gov.cn]

Experts from the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences delivered lectures on China’s potato industry and methods of potato growing and processing. The experts visited potato fields in Feidong county to observe mechanized techniques.

Foreign potato know-how introduced to Anhui province

Delegates visit the potato field in Anhui province.[photo/safea.gov.cn]

Anhui province has cooperated with research teams from Belgium, Israel, and France to introduce good new varieties of potatoes to Anhui along with new cultivating methods and full mechanized production. Hefei has taken concrete steps to join the national potato industry technology system, having introduced green production methods that promote upgrading and transformation of agricultural development and increase local farmers’ income.

Foreign potato know-how introduced to Anhui province
Conference on potato cultivation is held in Anhui province.[photo/safea.gov.cn]

The Hefei Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs will continue to support the introduction of foreign expertise and advanced technologies to promote the modernization of agriculture in Anhui province.


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